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- Kitemaker, Kiteflier, provider of workshops, but can't do anything about the weather, Computer Training, Computer problems.

My Products - well, kind of.   (this page changes, fairly regularly)

KITES. I make, fly, and sell kites.

That's about it really, apart from all the things you need to fly kites too, like lines and handles, winders, bags, Stakes, straps, clips, kite bits, etc. 

Workshop Kites

If you are a school, group, or association, the Kite Workshops are designed to give you a complete solution to a days activity with kites.  In a whole day, a talk, and two workshops are quite possible, depending on abilities, for instance due to age, and local circumstances, such as space to fly.  Current charges are £150.00 per whole day, plus materials, or £95 per half-day, plus materials.

Ad-Hoc workshops can also be catered for.  By this I mean letting a group of prospective kitefliers design and build their own kite from scratch.  It takes a whole day, at least, but it gives students the chance to feel they have really created something.  Me, I go into a quiet corner and have a Nervous Breakdown. 

 Photo                    Item  Cost

The Standard Sled Kite used in my workshops offers the opportunity for almost anyone to make and then fly a kite.  Little or no experience is needed in a tutor-led workshop, as expert help is always on hand to to give support.

Standard Sleds are approximately 11-inches or 280mm high, and are made from recycled polythene, bamboo spars, and polyester line on a plastic handle. 

They are often decorated which permanent marker pens for that personal finishing touch.

They are amongst the best kites you will fly.

Kits to use in my kite workshop days start from as little as one pound each.

To buy kite kits to make yourself, see the packs below.

Call if you would like more information. 



Sled Kite Kits are also available to purchase in packs if you would like to run your own workshop, for parties, small groups, or special events.

Before you decide to go it alone though, it might be worth taking a look at what is included in a fully-supported workshop - a talk, a display of super kites, and all the tools such as tape dispensers to complete the job easily.

They do come with complete instructions though.


A pack of 5 standard sled kits is £7.50 

Call for more information on pack sizes, availability and postage.


Super Sleds are larger than the Standard Sled, approximately 415 to 450 mm high, and can fly even better in lower wind conditions. 

They provide the opportunity to give older age groups the feeling that they have something very interesting on the end of their line, and they can see a difference between those the younger children are making.

Not recommended for young children, as they can be fairly strong-pulling in high winds.

Super Sleds start from around £2.00 for use in Kite Workshops.

Call for more information, availability, or to arrange a workshop.

Mega Sleds push the limits of plastic workshop kites.  Not only are they particularly powerful for small children to handle, but they take up quite a bit of working space.

Nevertheless,  for teenage and adult groups, they can prove a very entertaining project.

They also make a very large 'canvas' for more artistic groups, but bear in mind that they do not fly flat, but form into an arch when flying.


Mega Sleds start from £3.00 for use in Kite Workshops.

Please call for availability

I call these rectangular kites my Workshop Edo kites, although they aren't really traditional Japanese Edos, but they are made in a traditional way.

I've designed a workshop around a sheet of flipchart paper, 9 bamboo spars, and lots of bits of string and glue.  It isn't intended for young children, and it needs a lot of concentration to complete in the day, but it is very rewarding to try.  It might be ideally suited to an evening class over several weeks, and be combined with some kite theory, history, and flying techniques.

Edo workshops start from £150.00 per day, plus materials.

If you are an event organiser, you can still have a Kite Workshop to suit the circumstances.
A common feature at many Kite Festivals is the Kite Workshop stall, where people who arrive on the day can make a kite, and then fly it with the many hobbyist fliers who have all come well prepared.

Depending on how your event will be organised and run, a Kite workshop can be arranged
to fit in with most requirements, and they can be an interesting diversion from
what may be the main theme of the day.

Kite Workshops at events typically use the Standard Sled Kites, for ease of production, but also due to the consideration of the space needed to make them. 

You could however choose larger Sled Kites if you preferred.

Small marquees, tables, and flags are all available, or the Workshop could join in with other crafts in the same large tent.

Below are some images often used to publicise events. Please feel free to use them if you are running one.

(right-click on the image and choose View Image (to see it full-size) or Save Image As... (to save it to your computer)

Call and discuss whether your event would benefit from a Kite Workshop Stall.

Hand-Made Kites

I also make kites which you would not otherwise see on sale, in shops or on the Internet. Because I do everything myself, they are not numerous, or particularly cheap, and I do not profess to compete with industrially produced items, but I enjoy doing it, and they bring pleasure to many people. Reward in itself.

You may have noticed for instance, the large 'Pudsey' kite on the Home Page, which is a Rokkaku kite I made Especially for the BBC for Children In Need 2008.  It was quite an experience as I only had around two weeks, including finding an image and expanding it to 'life size'. 

 I will include more photographs soon.


 "White Cloud" Mega Delta, single-line kite for soaring. 
  Wingspan: 5-metres

 "Domino" two-line Sport Kite (one of a pair).


 "Pudsey Bear" Rokkaku Single-line kite.
  Made for BBC Children In Need.


 A pair of large Eddy kites 


  Jalbert Parafoil (built for Kite Aerial Photography) 


 Dopero (built for Kite Aerial Photography)


Hand-Made Line Winders

I made my first winders out of anything I could find, simply because there wasn't much commercially available.  Things have changed a lot now, and you can buy all sorts of fancy winders and reels, but I realised that winders I made over 20 years ago I still use on an almost daily basis, and rely on them to perform again and again.  So now here are my trusty winders, made of marine ply and finished with several coats of acrylic varnish.  Treat them well, and you can pass them on to the grandchildren!

Small Winder - £5.00

Ideal for light line, or two-line set.  You can wind straight, or figure-of-eight.

 Large Winder - £9.00

Depending on the line diameter, and how you prefer to wind, these can hold up to around 500 feet.


Winders with line, showing both winding methods.  I may be able to supply winders with line, depending what is in stock.


Kite Displays and Exhibitions

There is nothing I enjoy more than flying my kites, so I'm often found at festivals actually taking part.  I have quite few kites now, ranging from single-line kites you might see flown on the beach, to larger ones you probably won't find anywhere else.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have the biggest kites around, sadly I don't have the space to keep them, but if you are looking for things like that I can point you in the right direction.  Some of my friends have some of the largest kites in EUROPE!

I also have two-line and four-line kites, which I'm happy to fly and demonstrate.  You may also have seen on the Home Page the reference to SKY SYMPHONY Kite Display Team.  I'm privileged to say that I'm a member of the team, and we fly two-line kites in formation to music.  We've been together since 2000 and as a group of friends, we really enjoy flying together, even though now we are a little spread-out around the country. 

Although kites are best seen when they are in the sky, I also do static displays and exhibitions of my kites, so that people can have an opportunity to see the kites at first hand, and up close.  I've displayed kites in schools, libraries, museums, village halls, and been included in Craft events and Art shows.