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As with any sport, there are potential hazards to kiteflying. When flying a kite you are totally responsible for flying safely.

DO NOT   fly in wet or stormy weather, wet lines conduct electricity, especially lightening.

DO NOT   fly near power lines. If a kite gets caught, walk away; do not try to retrieve it. Tell a responsible person what has happened. Your next kite will be better, because you will still be alive to fly it.

DO NOT   fly near trees or buildings, or where you could frighten animals or endanger other people.

DO NOT   fly near roads or railway lines.

DO NOT   fly within 5 kilometres (3 miles) of an airfield.

DO NOT   fly more than 60 metres (200 feet) above ground level unless you have permission from the Civil Aviation Authority.

PICK          a wide open space without too many other people or any animals around, away from roads and railways.

PICK          a flat area where there is nothing to fall over whilst flying your kite.

PICK          a spot where the wind is coming from more flat land, so that buildings and trees haven’t messed it up. Your kite will fly better.

PICK          a day when the wind is right for your kite, not too strong or not too light.

PICK          some good friends to have fun flying your kite with.


Obvious, but true!

It may seem like I'm stating the obvious, and that's good.  If it's obvious to you then you won't go and get your kite stuck in a tree, tangled around a passing bus, or even worse get electrocuted from overhead power lines.  Will you?

Let's be honest, we've all flown where it perhaps wasn't wise, and at some time or other most kitefliers have had their kite in a tree.  But flying in a storm or under Power lines is just plain stupid.  So I've printed the basic rules, the ones which are always on display at my workshops, so that you can read them, and even use them if you wish to do so.

If you'd like a proper copy in Acrobat Format, get in touch and I'll even e-mail one to you.